October 5, 2009

Time to Close Up Shop

Well, it's obvious that I have been a horrible blogger despite the best intentions. I am so busy with work and raising Noah that I am finding it near impossible to find time to blog, nor do I ever know what to write about. So, I have decided it's time to stop blogging. I will continue to check each of your blogs and see how you are doing, I just won't be updating this one any longer. I started blogging as an outlet for the pain that goes along with infertility. Although that pain will never totally go away I feel like I have closed that chapter in my life. I want to thank each and every one of you that have been an inspiration to me and a comfort in some of my darkest hours. I have been so very blessed and I am so lucky to have stumbled on such a loving blogging community. I want to invite all of you (if any of you are even still reading) to become my friend on Facebook. I update it often with pictures and information about Noah. You can find me on facebook by searching Morrisa Vollmerhausen. If you choose not to do that, that's okay too. Thank you again for all of your support! I will leave you with one last picture of the amazing miracle that I have been given.

July 7, 2009

Trying Something New

I stumbled across The Simple Woman's Daybook and thought I would give it a try. You are supposed to post this every Monday but since I just came across it I'm posting mine today.

Outside my window... The sun is shining and it's hot!

I am thinking... about how much I have to get done before we put our house on the market, about the never ending pile of laundry and how much I miss my little man.

I am thankful for... the opportunity to be a Mommy to Noah and a wife to Shawn. I'm the luckiest woman alive!

From the kitchen... I'm trying to come up with something to serve on Wednesday night. We are having our new Pastor over my in-law's house and I am supposed to bring an appetizer. Any suggestions?

I am creating... I am planning on creating a couple of Taggies blankets for Noah. I discovered this on someones blog but I can't for the life of me remember who it was so if it was you drop me a comment so I can give you credit. Noah is obsessed with tags on anything and spends his time studying all of the tags on his toys. So, I figured this would be great for him. Once I get them finished I will post a picture of the finished product.

I am going... camping the weekend of the 17th. I'm so excited! This will be Noah's first camping trip and Shawn and I haven't been in forever. We are going to Codorus in PA which is our absolute favorite place to camp. I'm thinking Noah will enjoy it because he loves the outdoors. They have a swimming pool so I'm hoping that the weather will be nice so that we can do some swimming too.

I am reading... Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince. Did I mention that I am obsessed with Happy Potter? I always reread the book right before the movie comes out so that's why I am rereading this one.

I am hoping... to sign up for a cake decorating class. I love decorating cakes and I really want to learn how to use fondant. My dream job would be to open up a bakery but I seriously doubt that will ever happen...a girl can dream can't she?

I am hearing... the constant Baltimore City sounds (sirens and traffic)..

Around the house... is a disaster! We are trying to de-clutter our house so we can put it on the market. Needless to say this is quite a task. I'm actually looking forward to having a decluttered house though. I"m just hoping that we move into our new house before fall because I love decorating for fall and I will be very sad if all of my fall decorations are packed away.

One of my favorite things... is looking forward to a day off! I have Thursday off because Noah has a doctor's appointment and we are taking the remainder of the day to do some work around the house.

A few plans for the rest of the week: Wednesday we are going to my in-laws to get to know our new pastor as mentioned above, Thursday Noah has a doctor's appointment in the morning and we will be working around the house as mentioned above, Friday we plan to continue to work around the house (as much as you can work around the house when you have a six month old), Saturday we have a memorial service to attend, Sunday is the usual church service and then hopefully more working around the house.

Here is picture I am sharing...

This is Shawn and I many many summers ago while camping at Codorus. I'm not sure what year this is from but I can tell you that based on the fact that I am wearing a bikini it has been a while. Lets put it this way, I haven't worn a bikini is SEVERAL years!


Here is another DigiScrap page I would like to share. It's not one of my best but it is also one of my first. Let me know what you think.
My next post will include pictures from our fun 4th of July weekend.

July 3, 2009

This post will be a quick one but I wanted to share some pictures that we took over the past week. Noah is finally learning how to sit up on his own. He can't get himself into the sitting position but if you put him that way he is able to sit by himself for quite a while. Here he is discovering his new found talent.

I just thought this picture was so cute! He looks so innocent..ha ha

Noah also got to swim in a swimming pool for the first time. Here he is checking out the water.
Here he is with me in the pool. Notice how I am more pale than my six month old son who has never seen the sun a day in his life!

We are leaving for our farm house in western Maryland after I get finished with my half day of work today so I will hopefully have a lot of pictures to share when I return. Happy 4th of July!!

June 26, 2009

Weekend Plans

Yawn. So, my little boy has decided that 5 a.m. is now a good time to wake mommy & daddy up. In addition to waking up at 12 or 1 for a bottle. I am dragging! I need more sleep! Anyway, we have a jam packed weekend so I am really hoping that he lets up sleep in a little bit on Saturday and Sunday morning...8 a.m. would be fantastic! On Saturday I am hoping to hit a couple of yard sales to see if I can find some clothes for Noah because he is growing like a weed! Then at 2:45
we have a birthday party to go to where Noah will be able to swim in a pool for the first time! When I say swim I mean we are going to hold him in the baby section, not throw him in or anything. Then after we get home from that my Mom and Stepfather might stop over to see Noah. Then Sunday morning Shawn is doing the sermon at church. Directly after church we have a picnic to go to at our "sister church" (cooperative parish we are starting). So, needless to say we wont have a lot of down time this weekend. In addition to all of this craziness we will be putting our house on the market and buying Shawn's grandparent's house as soon as it sells. So we need to do a lot of things to get our house ready to sell (de-clutter big time). We have also had two deaths recently, one in our church family and one in our family. So we will be attending one viewing on Sunday evening and then a memorial service on July 11th. So as you can see we have a very busy next couple of weeks. What are your plans for the weekend?

June 25, 2009


The title says it all! Here is one of the first DigiScrap pages I made using a picture we took of Noah when he was just a couple of days old. Enjoy and let me know what you think.


Welcome to The Vollmerhausen Family Blog! I am assuming that most of you know who we are so I won’t go into detail introducing us but I will do a brief introduction. My name is Morrisa. I’m the loving wife to an amazing husband Shawn whom I met in my last year of high school and we have been inseparable since. We got married on September 14, 2002 and welcomed our son Noah Michael into the world on December 23, 2008. We have two beautiful kitties Hannah and Sarah who mean the world to us. I am a paralegal for a Baltimore City firm and Shawn works as a manufacturing optician. We live in a small house in Jessup but are hoping to relocate shortly to a bigger house where Noah can grow up next to his Nana & Pop Pop. We are members on an amazing church where Shawn also serves as the lay leader.

We will be using this blog to post updates about our every day lives including of course Noah who is growing like a weed and changing every single day but also about our life as a family in general. I also hope to use this as a place to share my creative projects such as my digital scrapbooking, baking, and any other crazy new hobby I come up with. So please bookmark this blog and return often for updates. Please please please leave comments as we love to read them!